loneclone is Hannes Appell’s digital alter ego

Hannes studied animation & visual effects at Filmakademie’s Institute of Animation & Visual Effects in Baden Württemberg from 2004-2008. Prior to that he worked as a games journalist and editor for NBC Europe’s TV show GIGA GAMES. (A stint during which he reviewed approx. every game ever made).
From 2009-2014 he worked at CRYTEK Frankfurt as Senior Cinematic Artist.
In 2014 Hannes joined CLOUD IMPERIUM GAMES as Director of Cinematics, working on both STAR CITIZEN and its story campaign SQUADRON 42.

Hannes Appell - loneclone

  • His job at CRYTEK involved directing the pre-rendered intro for CRYSIS 2, staging the story intro cinematic for CRYSIS 3, as well as multiple cinematics & CryENGINE trailers
  • He helped shape CRYTEK’s CINEBOX project for Previs, Postvis and Virtual Production
  • Hannes’ projects have been featured at festivals around the world, i.e. Annecy, Imagina, ITFS & Siggraph
  • His graduation short MOTHERLAND was nominated at the Visual Effects Society Awards
  • He has held talks for conferences such as Siggraph, Siggraph Asia, FMX, FITA, Quo Vadis
  • won a Karl-Steinbuch Stipend for VFX R&D
  • is Senior Lecturer at Filmakademie about Virtual Production

Hannes is not only a venturer between film & game worlds though, but also quite the attention seeker (as you could gather from the list above), so if you want to give him some, you can reach him via mail

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