All obey the mighty Tessellated Toad!

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Portfolio now contains my latest CRYSIS project: The CRYSIS 3 Tech trailer we did in August 2012.

Some Snapshots for this project: CRYSIS 3 – Tech
View the CRYSIS 3 tech trailer up to 720p:
Download the trailer in FullHD 1080p here: CRYSIS 3 tech trailer @

Some nerdy facts about the trailer:

  • all shots filmed within the E3 Canyon level of CRYSIS 3 on PC
  • Tessellated Toad was the actual ingame model with a nice high-res texture, some displacement tessellation magic and a SSS material applied
  • most of the stuff in the tech trailer was rendered on a stone-aged GTX 560Ti 1GB 😉
  • the new vegetation physics are uber cool. “DON’T GO INTO THE LONG GRASS!”

Oh and for those armchair amphibian experts out there that rightly stated a toad can’t move its head like that: Tessellated Toad is boss. So Tessellated Toad can do whatever he f***in’ wants. So if he wants to leapfrog forward like a boss you better let him 😉

Toad says: Get out!

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