Latest CRYSIS 3 trailer work

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CRYSIS 3 – cinematic bits featured in trailers

The Trailer “THE HUNT IS ON” which features Muse’s “Liquid State” from their album, The 2nd Law shows some of the cinematic work my team did for the game.

In case some were wondering what is in-engine and what is CG in this trailer:
Except for a closeup shot of Prophet’s visor, ALL shots are in-engine! (there was a debate over this over at the always awesome NeoGAF)
Part of the trailer are actual in-game cinematics, some bits are from the Albert Hughes “7 Wonders” trailer series (which was also filmed/staged in actual game levels) and of course there is lots of gameplay in there as well.

(screengrab from Crysis 3 – THE HUNT IS ON trailer)


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