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This is my first blog post on the new loneclone site! I’m still in the middle of setting up the design and slowly but surely I am getting somewhere. Loneclone has been offline from the web for approximately 2 years now since the site got hacked, I got married, had a child, moved to Frankfurt and started a full-time job. On top of that, the old design was the definition of “high maintenance”.

The first iteration of my site featured all the hallmarks of a typical 2000s design: Rusted pseudo-3d steel frame including a bubbling water tank, multiple spotlights, glowing red power lines connecting the buttons and to top it all off: The site could be turned off like a PDA and a secret backdoor to off-topic content. Not to mention everything was done with tables. Needless to say: “WTH was I thinking!?”

The 2007 re-design got rid of all the steel, ditched the full framed design but retained the blueish-cyan loneclone look. The site was maybe 50% CSS, 50% tables and 10% easier to get content up, but it was still all done by hand. Needless to say: “WTH was I still thinking!?”

After being abstinent from the web for over 2 years, I decided to kill all previous design iterations with a nice bonfire and opted for WordPress as my CMS of choice.
Finally! Content is king, the whole site is responsive to different resolutions/devices and I can put up content quickly without growing a beard or the need for special software.

In the coming weeks I will put all the older projects back up and then on to the stuff I did in the last 2 years. Let’s hope this goes as smoothly as the first attempts seem to suggest. Videos will of course be hosted on Vimeo or YouTube. The last time I tried to co-host a video on the site itself (Monkey Island 2 in CryENGINE) and that got almost 500.000 hits on YouTube, the traffic counter was not too happy about it. 🙂

Stay tuned for a big pirate-themed surprise that will hopefully see the light in 2013, if time permits!

“Geh mich ausm Wech oder ich schneid Dir durch!”

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  1. Dan41747
    February 3, 2013

    Nice to see that some of my Childhood Heros from Giga Games are still alive and making their own Projects, keep going I like the Site. 😀



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