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The near future. Every night there are media reports about war and terror looming like a dark cloud over the nation. To protect the citizens from possible air attacks the GNOSIS Corporation has developed a personal bomb shelter for everyone - the new BS-2016. Nearly every household in the city is a customer of GNOSIS, only 12 year old Alex is still begging his dad to buy a shelter so he can feel safe. As the air raid alarms go off that night and lights from exploding rockets gloom in the dark skies it seems too late: Alex has to face his fears and soon discovers a dark conspiracy that not only threatens his life but the life of his family as well.

DAS LEUCHTEN is a student film produced as a 'third year project' at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. I was vfx & cg supervisor for all vfx shots and did concept & previs for key scenes. As lead artist and head of a small team of 3 artists I supervised the post-production taking place at the Institute for Animation & Visual Effects.
Shooting took place in the vicinity of Stuttgart in mid June 2006. Post-production work started in July 2006. Work on all of the film's 60+ vfx shots was completed for its premiere in early December 2006.

© 2006,2007 Zlatnik, Noack, Appell

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