ZDF / Discovery Channel

65 million years ago, a rock from space changed our planet forever. What if this ancient disaster would strike again? Would mankind have a chance of survival?
The docufiction "DER EINSCHLAG" tells this story like it hasn't been seen yet - scientifically correct and yet very thrilling.

For this TV docufiction I worked for Elektrofilm on a whole bunch of different shots. As a compositor, I did several shots of an abandoned New York City getting hit by a tsunami. As a 3d artist I was responsible for the 3d model of lower Manhattan, the texture work, lighting and rendering. I combined this with layers from a Realflow simulation of a wave hitting the lowres city model and composited the final shot. Most of the challenges in shots containing water was the fact that not a single element of real water was shot specifically for the project. Other shots I worked on were a huge wave hitting an offshore windpark, the impact crater hellscape in the Mexican desert and some shots requiring a resettlement of a village to a tropical setting, including artificial flora. Compositing was done mostly in Eyeon Fusion. 3D stuff was done with Autodesk Maya.

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