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HUNT - Horrors of the Gilded Age

The HUNT announce trailer is created as one continuous "long take", revealing some of the creatures & ultimately the 4 hunters morphing into the logo for the game.
The camera starts on a headstone and pulls back over a defiled Louisiana bog graveyard. An occult voodoo ceremony causes hundreds of "Risen" to march towards the 4 player characters.
There are multiple epitaph easter eggs, as well as creatures hidden in the trailer. The Risen are by far not the only thing the heroes will hunt or be hunted by..

Concept & direction was done by me.
Additional 3d work by Erasmus Brosdau.
Additional animation by Antoine Tran.
The trailer was rendered at 4K, 2.35:1 (3840x1634) in a HUNT game build.
No additional grading or compositing was done to the image except the logo morph effect.

Official HUNT site ►

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