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After the first architectural assets had been created focus shifted towards using CryENGINE2 as a previsualization tool. Render times for MOTHERLAND's vast cityscape seemed daunting, making a switch to real-time a welcome change.
At first I used CryENGINE to scout for camera angles and to get lighting inspiration - being able to quickly change the city geography, shading and lighting in real-time and on the fly.

After seeing CryENGINE's render power and speed during my previs, I had the desire to go several steps further and also use the engine as renderer for all the set extensions I was going to have in the film. Together with a TD colleague we wrote a script to get camera data from Maya into CryENGINE's camera track, thus opening the possibility for a matchmoved sync between live-action footage and shots rendered in CryENGINE.

Approximately 66% of all final shots are featuring backgrounds rendered with CryENGINE.