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"Shake the Gates of Heaven"

ANVIL AEROSPACE's Hornet F7C is the civilian variant of the military's famous fighter craft in Chris Roberts' STAR CITIZEN universe.
The Hornet was the first ship to be completed for STAR CITIZEN's reveal campaign in October 2012, so it was quite a pleasure to revisit it fully rebuilt & upgraded for her own commercial one year later.
For the Hornet commercial, I enjoyed full directorial and editorial freedom.
Music was composed by Pedro Camacho.

The commercial was created in an actual game build (even the logo animation was done 100% in-engine).
There was no uprezzing of assets or textures involved and no additional grading or compositing work done after rendering the image out of the engine. Rendering was done on GeForce GTX 670 & GTX TITAN.

Roberts Space Industries - Anvil Hornet ►

Download Hornet commercial in 4K ►

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  1. Fabian
    December 15, 2013

    Amazing to see how far you have come since the old Giga Games days 🙂 Love your work, especially on Star Citizen! Hope you stay on the project so we know the cinematics are in good hands.


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