Play Squadron 42 Trailer

"Nice to see a friendly ship"

This secret project by WING COMMANDER and PRIVATEER father Chris Roberts pulled me in with its sheer enthusiasm for the universe. I created the cinematic reveal trailer for SQUADRON 42, STAR CITIZEN's single-player campaign that helped kick off the crowdfunding campaign.
The trailer is using the work-in-progress in-game assets in the actual prototype build itself. The carrier alone has approx. 7 million polygons and is to my knowledge the biggest physicalized and most detailed real-time game object ever built. Rendering was done on a GTX670 which ran the prototype very well (when it was not rendering the video frames at 4k resolution hehe)

Concept design for the Bengal Class Carrier was done by Ryan Church.
Concept design for the Vanduul enemy fighter was done by Jim Martin.
The music used in the trailer is Steve Jablonsky's "Silver Star"/"The Art of War", both from his BATTLESHIP OST.

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