The Day (Sh)it Happened

On a road to nowhere a little turd awaits his ultimate destiny (of being stepped into). When a sudden visit from the future gives him the unique opportunity to prevent World War Three from happening, the plot thickens:
If the shit could just get out of the way! The turd now has to choose between his fate and that of the world.

THE DAY SHIT HAPPENED is my student film made during the course "Filmgestaltung 2" in the 2nd year at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.
The film was created over the course of roughly 2 months. All creative work done on the film (concept, designs, 3d modeling, animation, compositing, sound design) were done by me. Characters were voiced (in order of appearance) by Simon Krätschmer, Etienne Gardé and Tom Harris.

THE DAY SHIT HAPPENED was featured in competition in the category "Student/Graduation films" at Annecy 2006 Festival.
It ran in the special program "Politically Incorrect" at Annecy 2007 Festival and in the Annecy á Paris 2007 program at the Centre Pompidou Cinema in Paris from June 29 2007 - July 2 2007