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WARFACE - Pick-A-Side

A mysterious man rolling a coin through his fingers introduces us to both playable sides of the WARFACE universe.
BLACKWOOD, a mysterious organisation with seemingly unlimited reach &
WARFACE, a counter-terrorism unit trying to fight back against the worldwide corruption.

While the action on the ground is happening in a South American slum setting, the shadowy figure playing with the coin is residing in a luxurious high-rise far east.
Several match cuts imply that the coin man is not only puppeteering one, but playing both sides and profiteering from the conflict.

Doing the Pick-A-Side trailer was a quite a fast endeavour with a production time of approx. 1,5 months. Most of the assets are normal game assets. The coin, hands and IED were done for this trailer.
Concept & direction was done by me, shot staging was split between me and my fellow artist colleague Joseph Garth.
Additional 3D modelling was done by Erasmus Brosdau.

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